Julian Mayhem: Battle Spells in Mobile Legends.

Julian Mayhem: Battle Spells in Mobile Legends.

Julian Mayhem needs to pick the right battle spell or his plan will fail. His Execute skill is very strong and makes him better early in the game and a strong player in team fights. It works really well against shooters and junglers who are annoying.

In the wild, the best thing to do is take control of the jungle and punish people who hurt you. Julian can quickly score goals, which gives him a good feel for how the game is going. He stays in charge and sets the pace of fights with this spell.

Julian Mayhem: : The Mage Emblem Set for Magic Mastery

Get the mage sign to make Julian’s magic stronger, cut down on the time it takes to work, and make it work through walls. Since all of his skills depend on magic power growth, this choice makes him stronger all around.

Julian Mayhem: Things You Can Do To Make A Difference

Focus on Agility to improve your movement, Bargain Hunter to get items at low prices, and Lethal Ignition to deal more damage when you hit multiple times. This mix helps him in the early game and goes well with his skills.

Julian Mayhem: How to Make the Magic Hero’s Best Items

Because he is a mage hero, he loves magic. Start with the Genius Wand to make the magic damage he already does even worse. God’s Glaive can break magic, and Concentrated Energy can be used to cast powers.

Being able to adapt to succeed

You should change your build based on how the game plays, but the core parts set the stage. Adding defence items will help you stay alive if the fight is close. If you’re ahead, keep fighting by stacking more magic-damaging items, such as Feather of Heaven or Holy Crystal.

  • Julian was really great. Cast magic boots that hurt with Ice Retribution for junglers.
  • Wand Smart
  • Putting Energy Together Holy Crystal Crown of Heaven Feather of Light
  • Put the Combo out there! Fury

Being ahead in the early games

Use the Sword, Chain, and improved Scythe combo to do a lot of damage in the laning phase when you hit level three. This move is still a good way to get kills in the middle to late game. If there are more people than you, pick Chain, Scythe, or Enhanced Sword to avoid skills and keep moving without getting hurt.

How to Win a Team Fight

You can kill more than one enemy at once in a team fight by using Scythe, Sword, and then Enhanced Chain. Use simple strikes to do as much damage as possible after each skill improvement. When you can, don’t forget to use your skills again.

Make the most of Lifesteal.

Lifesteal is about 75% better when Julian’s passive is used. If you’re not really behind or outnumbered, you might want to fight with less power. It might help you win if you use the lifesteal edge.

Now that you know these Mobile Legends tips and tricks, you should be able to handle Julian’s magic chaos. Feel good about fighting, and let the AGENGACOR magic happen!